Anxiety is a Super Power!

4 week Coaching Program

Learn How To Use It!

Week 1: Identify The Trigger

People, places, or things have you worried about the Future. Discover what they are and how to effectively handle them.

Week 2:
Pattern recognition

Recognize the patterns that Trigger you. Most likely it's a common occurrence when people, places, or things start to become a Trigger. Learning how to break these patterns and create new ones will give you back the control you need to conquer your fears. 

Week 3:
Healing from the past

There's a Memory where it all started. This memory stores information about a specific event in time. Thoughts, feelings and stress response associated to that memory is what's setting off the Triggers. It's time to Create Peace & Then a Plan!

Week 4:
Transmute the energy

Any time you're feeling emotions similar to the memories that Trigger you, your stress response will be activated. You will learn to become aware of this subconscious neuro-program that has been controlling your state of Anxiety. At that moment you will have the capabilities to re-direct your focus and put that energy to good use! 

We are told that Anxiety is a Disability. That it's designed to restrict you and hold you Hostage! 

They're Wrong!

Anxiety is Energy and can be used like adrenaline when you learn how to control it. 

The only time Anxiety's a Disability, is when you take on the Identity of being disabled by it. It can be Triggered by many things and often times by Depression. Although Depression is a sense of loss of control and is Triggered usually by Emotions we can associate to a past Trauma. Anxiety is similar except it's usually a worry about the Future instead of the past like in Depression. Much like depression, if you looked deep inside of your subconscious memory, you'll most likely find the root cause or where it stems from. Again, like Depression it usually stems from a Trauma. Except during this Trauma you would have been in a Stress Response Mode or the Fight or Flight response. While as in Depression you may have only been experiencing a  great sense of Loss as opposed to feeling threatened. So your Fight or Flight response wasn't activated, producing the chemical response in the Brain that's responsible for Anxiety. 

When you can Identify the Trigger, is when you can Empower the memories responsible for the Anxiety. Once you know the reason or purpose as to how it can serve you, then you can Learn to Transmute its Energy! Taking back the Control over your Life.

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